“The Start of A Long Journey - The 10th Outstanding Graduation Works Exhibition of China’s Key Fine Arts Academies (2020)” Made Its Debuts

Source: Time: October 26, 2020





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VenueArt Museum, Tanhualin Campus, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts 

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 Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism 

Hubei Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles 

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 (Inverted by organizing session sequence)Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Central Academy of Fine Arts LuXun Academy of Fine Arts Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University Sichuan Fine Arts Institute China Academy of Art Xian Academy of Fine Arts Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 

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Art Museum of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts

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This is a journey of a thousand miles that spans a decade. From 2010 to 2018, “The Start of A Long Journey - Outstanding Graduation Works Exhibition of China’s Key Fine Arts Academies” jointly hosted by nine art academies including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (inverted by organizing session sequence) has been successfully held for nine sessions for the first round. “The exhibition mainly exhibits the outstanding graduation works assessed and selected by participating academies, sensitively and truly reflects the teaching level and achievements of Chinas art academies in the contemporary context.” As an important platform for key fine arts academies in China to exhibit the latest teaching achievements, recommend outstanding graduates, promote aesthetic education research, cooperation and exchanges, now the exhibition has achieved wide brand effect that attracts widespread attention and praise from all walks of life.


The centurial HIFA aims for a far-off future. This exhibition not only kicks off the second round of “The Start of A Long Journey”, but also is part of the centennial celebration of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, which has special historical significance. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the National Education Conference, and adhere to educating people with art, “The Start of A Long Journey” series of activities aims at stimulating the reform and innovation of talent training, artistic creation and theoretical research in higher academies of art. In order to seek a reformation path in line with the development of Chinese art in the new historical context, we have chosen “Symbiosis, Interconnection, Innovation, and Expectation” as the core concept of this exhibition. The exhibition brings together more than 270 excellent works of outstanding graduates in 2020 from nine key fine arts academies across the country, covering multiple professional fields, presenting a vision with diverse themes, rich techniques, multi-disciplinary integration, and bold innovation. This exhibition not only showcases the outstanding education achievements of the nine key fine arts academies this year, but also has positive significance for continuously enhancing the influence of the aesthetic education brand of “The Start of A Long Journey” and promoting young artistic talents across the country; It is also an overall presentation and precious record of the teaching achievements of the key fine arts academies in China including Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in the special period of epidemic, which persisted in the principle of “teaching and learning without attending” and “double education online and offline”. During the epidemic, faculties and students of each academy used their own artistic language and various approaches to describe the great love of “since the ‘epidemic’ is ruthless, ‘art’ unites us together”, which reflects the mission and responsibility of the “artists” and demonstrates the incomparable perseverance and spirit of teachers and students in academies, and will surely leave a strong mark in the history of Chinas higher education of art.


In the graduation season of this year, most of the art academies adopted the form of online exhibitions, and launched the works of graduates online. This is undoubtedly a major change to the traditional presentation method of higher education of art. This kind of change is not only a positive response to limited conditions under the influence of the epidemic, but also an active reformation in the face of development needs in the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Today’s society is undergoing “great changes unseen in a century”. How China’s higher education of art will face the opportunities and challenges of the new era, and what pattern it will adopt to meet the needs of the times is a topic worthy of in-depth study.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and consists of every single step. We have reasons to believe that “The Start of A Long Journey - The 10th Outstanding Graduation Works Exhibition of China’s Key Fine Arts Academies (2020)” will not only be a new starting point for all the graduates of China’s key fine arts academies in 2020 including the more than 270 exhibitors, but also be a new opportunity for the nine key fine arts academies to jointly build a new ecological system of aesthetic education on the principle of cooperation and win-win, jointly promote the new development of aesthetic education, vigorously cultivate top-notch and innovative talents, and forge the future of Chinas aesthetic education!


Xu Fen, President of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

October 2020



The Start of A Long Journey

The 10th Outstanding Graduation Works Exhibition of China’s Key Fine Arts Academies (2020)

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