>>  Organization  

· General Administration Office ( Office of CPC Affairs, President’s Office, Office of Main Responsibility, Office of Alumni Affairs)

· Office of Discipline Inspection (Supervision Office)

· Department of CPC Organization (Party School)

· Department of CPC Publicity (Department of Teacher Affairs)

· Department of CPC United Front

· Department of Student Affairs (Office), Department of Armed Forces

· Office of Development Planning (Office of Discipline Construction)

· Office of Admissions and Employment

· Graduate Office

· Office of Academic Affairs

· Office of Research & Creation Affairs

· Office of Human Resources

· Office of Accounting and Finance

· Office of Internal Audit

· Office of State-owned Assets Administration (Office of Tendering and Procurement)

· Office of International Exchange and Cooperation (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office)

· Department of Campus Security

· Office of Logistics Management

· Committee of Staff Union

· Communist Youth League of China, HIFA Committee

· Office of Retirement Services

· Office of Tanhualin Art District Management Committee (Tanhualin Community HIFA Service Station)

· Library

· Art Museum

· Office of Archives and Records

· Editorial Department of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Journal 

· Experimental Teaching Center

· Hubei HIFA Cultural Development Co., Ltd. 

· School of Continuing Education and Training

· Teaching Quality Center

· Teacher Development Center

· Information Network Center

· Health Clinic