Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA) is the only top institution of higher learning in fine arts in central China. Founded by Jiang Lanpu, Tang Yijing and Xu Ziheng in 1920, it was first named Wuchang Fine Arts School and later renamed Private Wuchang College of Arts. In 1938, the school moved west after being bombed by the Japanese troops. The school settled at Wushisanti, Deganba Town, Jiangjin County in Sichuan Province, after taking refuge in Gulaobei of Yidu and Dingshengquan Temple in Jiangjin County. In 1945 when the Anti-Japanese War was over, the school moved back to Wuhan. In 1949, the school was taken over by Zhongyuan University. Since then, it had been known as School of Literature and Art of Zhongyuan University, South Central University of Literature and Art, South Central Academy of Fine Arts, Art Department of Hubei College of Education, Painting and Mapping Department of Central China Normal College, before it was established as Hubei Art Institute in 1958. In 1985, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts became an independent school with the approval of Hubei Provincial People's Government and the National Education Commission.


Mr. Cai Yuanpei once inscribed the words “Promote Art Education” for the school, and many famous artists and educators have taught here. As one of China's earliest art colleges, HIFA is an important cradle of modern higher art education in the country. Over the past years, HIFA has developed an“inclusive”academic spirit and the“compatible and interactive” teaching principle, cultivating generations of outstanding students who are in sincere pursuit of “Morality, Academic Progress, Action and Beauty” and dedicate their talent to the society, making unique contributions to the development of fine arts in China.