HIFA 100 “Double First Class” Construction Conference

Source: Time: November 9, 2020

    2020 is the centenary of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA).At 10 a.m., November 8, 2020,HIFA 100 “DoubleFirst Class”ConstructionConference was held in the gymnasium of Canglong Island Campus to celebrate the 100th anniversary of HIFA. Party Secretary of HIFA Liang Yuangang presided over the conference.

Liu Youfan, former Vice Governor of Hubei Province and former Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial People’s Congress,Pan Lusheng,Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chairman of China Folk Artists Association, President of ShandongUniversity of Art& Design, Lu Jun, Deputy Secretary-General of Hubei Provincial Government,Lei Wenjie, PartySecretary andDirector ofHubeiProvincialDepartment ofCulture and Tourism, Zhang Jinyuan,DeputyDirector of Hubei Provincial Department of Education, Xie Shengli,DeputyDirector of Hubei ProvincialDepartment ofAudit, and Ma Shangyun,ViceChairman of Hubei Federation of Literary and ArtCircles, and other leaders and guests attended the conference.

The leaders and guests present at the conferencealso included Tang Qingyang, Party Secretary of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Li Zhijun, Party Secretary of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, He Dan, Vice President of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xie Changjing, Party Secretary of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Wang Shenshi, Party Secretary of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, Jia Guangjian, DeputyParty Secretary and President of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Lv Pinjing, Vice President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts,Cao Xiaoyang, Vice President of China Academy of Art,Lu Xiaobo,Dean of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University,Huang Yanling, PartySecretary of YunnanArts University,Guo Hao,DeputyPartySecretary andPresidentof Yunnan Arts University,Guo Chunfang,DeputyPartySecretary andPresident of Jilin University of Arts, Li Tong, Vice President of Nanjing University of the Arts,Kong Xianghua,DeputyPartySecretary of Shandong University of Arts,Wei Junping, Vice Presidentof GuangxiArtsUniversity,Lv Jinquan,Vice President of Jingdezhen CeramicInstitute, Meng Xianbo,Vice President ofInner MongoliaArtsUniversity,Zhang Zikang, Curator oftheArt Museum of theCentral Academy of Fine Arts, and Zhang Yong, Director of the Office of Manchester Metropolitan University in China.

Huang Xiaomei, Party Secretary of China University of Geosciences, Gao Chi, Party Secretary of Huazhong Agricultural University, Chen Ming, Deputy Party Secretary of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Xia Lixin, Vice President of Central China Normal University, Han Yesheng, Secretary of Disciplinary Committee of South-Central University for Nationalities, Liu Defu, Party Secretary of Hubei University of Technology, Cheng Youjin, Party Secretary ofWuhan Institute of Technology,Ruan Lijian, PartySecretary of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine,Zhang Guoxiu,Party Secretary of Hubei University of Education,Dong Shijie,Deputy Party Secretary andPresident of Hubei University of Economics,Hu Zhiping,Deputy Party Secretary andPresident of Wuhan Conservatory of Music,Wang Shimin,Vice President of Hubei University,Dou Xianping,Secretary oftheDisciplinary Committee of Wuhan University of Science and Technology,Huang Yunping,Vice President of Wuhan Textile University,Sun Xiangyang,Vice President of Wuhan PolytechnicUniversity,Xu Ping,Vice President of WuhanSports University,and Li Weidong,Vice President of Jianghan University.

Wu Jingbo,member of the Party Committee and Chief Accountant ofHubei Hongtai State-ownedCapital InvestmentOperationGroup, Gao Xiaoyun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Changnan New District, Jingdezhen City, and Guo Weixun, Director of the Economic and Trade Office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in Wuhan.

Tang Xiaohe, Chairman of Hubei Artists Association andformerPresident of HIFA, Xu Yongmin, Vice Chairman of Hubei Artists Association andformerPresidentofHIFA, Xiao Feng,President of Hubei Provincial Academy of Fine Arts, Ji Shaofeng,Curator of Hubei Museum of Art,Chen Yongjin, Curator ofWuhan Art Museum,and Wang Xinyao, Curator of Tanghu Museum of Art andDean of theSchool of Fine Arts of Jianghan University.

Zhang Zhongguang, formerPartySecretary of HIFA, Li Sifen, formerdirector-levelcadre of HIFA,Li Gang,formerDeputyPartySecretary of HIFA,Zou Yicheng, formerPartySecretary of HIFA,and Zhou Xianglin, formerVicePresident of HIFA.

Liang Yuangang, Party Secretary ofHIFA,Xu Fen, Deputy PartySecretary andPresident of HIFA, Lu Bin, Deputy Party Secretary of HIFA, Liu Maoping, VicePresident of HIFA, andCheng Zhili, Vice Presidentof HIFA.

Also attending the conference were the heads of relevant functional departments and teaching units frompeer colleges across the country, experts and scholars from the art industry and associations, and representatives of some alumni, as well as representatives of retired comrades, professors and students, andheads ofvarious colleges and departments as well asfunctional departments of HIFA.

Media includingPeople’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet,, China Education News, China Culture News, Hubei Daily, Hubei Television, Hubei Provincial People’s Government Network, Yangtze River Cloud,,,, Sina Hubei, and Toutiao alsoattended the conference.

Liang Yuangang, Party Secretary of HIFA presided over the conference

Xu Fen,DeputySecretary and President of HIFA, expressed his warmest welcome to all leaders and guests on behalf of HIFA in his speech.He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all levels of government, departments,peer colleges and all walks of life which have cared about and guided the construction and development ofHIFA for a long time.He extended hiswarmest greetings toHIFA’s previous leaders, retired comrades, all teachers and students, and outstanding alumni from all over the world.President Xu Fen reviewed the development ofHIFA for a hundred years.Thehundred-year art journey of HIFA has constructed a unique disciplineand majordevelopmentveins and systems, and hasforgedthe unique art culture, academic spirit and teaching philosophy of HIFA. The construction of first-class disciplines and majors has opened a new era for HIFA which has experienced a century of vicissitudes.HIFA faculties and students are determined and confident to benchmark the characteristic connotation and index system of the first-class development of higher education in the new century, comprehensively deepen the reform of higher art education, accelerate the new journey offacilitating the development offirst-class disciplines and first-classmajors, and strive to promote diversified visual art talent cultivation mode systemreform, and strive to build a “high-level art academy with distinctive school-running characteristics, a certain degree of academic influence in the world, and a first-class status inChina”!



Liu Tao, alumni representative, Dean of GXNU School of Design, said in his speech that, “Today,we celebratethe birthday ofour alma mater. Shehaswitnessed the birth and development of China’s modern art education, and witnessed the great journey of the Chinese nation from cultural degeneration to cultural self-confidence. Over the past 100 years, the alma mater has insisted onthe fundamental purpose of cultivating art talents with professional excellence and moral integrity, adhering to the promotion of national culture with art, and activating Chinese traditions with art, making great contributions to the development of Chinese art education. Under the new historical conditions,the cause of “doublefirst class” continues to move forward. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, HIFA faculties and students “voiced with brushes and fought together against theepidemic”, inspired people with the power of art, and demonstrated the power and spirit of“serving the country with art” with practical action. 100 years is a milestone,andalso a new starting point.HIFA in the past has achieved countless successes and glory, andHIFA in the future will move forward with more hopes and dreams!”



Xie Changjing,PartySecretary of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, represented Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and thepeer colleges in his speech to extend hisheartiest congratulations to HIFA which has made great achievements and made great contributions to local economic development and social progress and the development of China’s art education in the past 100 years.The history,changes and development of HIFA is also continuously writing andenriching the development history of modern Chinese higher art education, and have cultivated a large number of outstanding art educators and artists for the country and society. Today’s HIFA still adheres to the socialistschool runningdirection, implements the fundamental task ofestablishing moral standards andcultivating people, and has achieved a series of fruitful results in the fields of talent training, scientific research, service to the society, and cultural inheritance and innovation, making it a well-known art academy with far-reaching academic influence across the country and the world.He sincerely wished that the various undertakings of HIFA would prosper, andwould carry forward with the cause and forge ahead on the new journey of “double first class” construction and the development of China’s finearts education in the new era, so as to createmore glories!



Pan Lusheng,ViceChairman ofChina Federation of Literary and Art Circles,Chairman ofChina Folk Artists Association, andPresidentof Shandong University of Art & Design, expressed his sincere congratulations to HIFA for its century-long history and the holding of the “doublefirst class”congratulation conference! Over the pasthundred years, HIFA has been adhering to the spirit of aesthetic education, cultivating talents, introducing culture, facilitating people’s livelihood, and contributing to society, demonstrating the historical mission and responsibility of a higher art education academy. HIFA takes the construction of disciplines and majors as the fundamental cause, deeply explores the development laws of art education, firmly seizes the major strategic opportunities of “double first class” construction, forges ahead, and has achieved a series of landmark construction results. We look forward to and firmly believe that100-year HIFA will inherit and develop the spirit of aesthetic education,keepthe original aspiration in mind, move forward, start a new journey of art education down-to-earth, and stride forward to a new century.



“Double First Class” Construction Conference and the Start of a Long Journey -The Education and Teaching Seminar of China’s KeyFineArts Academies

Liu Maoping, Vice President of HIFA, presided over the seminar

Groupphoto of seminar guests

At 14:30 onNovember 8, the “DoubleFirst Class” Construction Conference andthe Start of a Long Journey – theEducation and Teaching Seminar of China’s Key Fine Arts Academieswas held in James Jackson Museum, Tanhualin Art District, HIFA. Representativesfrom China’s key fine arts academies, universities in Wuhan, heads of teaching units andrepresentatives ofteachersfrom HIFA attended the seminar. The seminar waspresided over by Liu Maoping,Vice PresidentofHIFA. The themewas “Promoting Aesthetic Education - Opportunities and Challenges for HigherFineArts Education in the New Era”. The experts at theseminarconducted extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions, provided suggestions for the development of higherfinearts education in the new era, and put forward many constructive suggestions.


Opening ceremony of“The Start of A Long Journey - The 10thOutstanding Graduation Works Exhibition of China’s Key Fine Art Academies (2020)”

At 16:30 in the afternoon, the opening ceremony of “The Start of A Long Journey - The 10th Outstanding Graduation Works Exhibition of China’s Key Fine Arts Academies (2020)” was held attheArt Museum of Tanhualin Art District of HIFA. Leaders at all levelsin Hubei Province and Wuhan City, representatives of artmuseums and art institutions, leaders and guests ofpeer colleges and universities, leaders ofHIFA, heads of functional departments and teaching units, teacher representatives and student representatives of HIFA attended the opening ceremony. The exhibition brought together more than 270 excellent works of outstanding graduates of 2020 from nine keyfinearts academies across the country, covering multiple professional fields, presenting a visualfeastwith diverse themes, rich techniques, multi-disciplinary integration, and bold innovation. The exhibitionis heldat the ArtMuseum of Tanhualin ArtDistrict of HIFA. It will last until November 15. Welcome to the exhibition.

At 19:00 on November 8, “Hello,Classmates!” variety show was heldin the gymnasium of Canglong Island Campus of HIFA as part of the eventsforHIFARed, Yellow and Blue Culture and Art Festival.