Department of Apparel Design

  The Department of Apparel Design has three disciplines: Apparel Design, Fabrics Art Design and Fashion Performance and Design. These three disciplines are provincial key disciplines. Apparel Design and Fashion Performance and Design are two of the earliest established disciplines in art schools of China.

  The Department focuses on the teaching mode of “Design, Performance, and Market”, which is a provincial-level teaching fruit, making the three elements interactive with each other and using them as a vital impetus for the improvement of teaching quality. Aimed at fostering inter-disciplinary talents with creative thinking, design capability, solid foundation in specialized field, comprehensive theoretical knowledge, and sophisticated professional skills in fashion design, performing and management, the Department keeps strengthening teaching structure, standardizing teaching management, enhancing discipline construction, and has formed its own feature and strengths.

  The Department has a high-level teaching staff mainly consisting of middle-aged and young teachers. At present it has 28 teachers, including 5 associate professors, 6 lecturers, 17 teaching assistants.

  Apparel Design:

  Year of Foundation: 1985

  Length of Schooling: 4 years

  Curriculum includes: Techniques of Fashion Drawing, Clothing Techniques, Creative Design, Fashion Brand Planning and Design, Thesis Writing

  Fabrics Art Design:

  Year of Foundation: 1959

  Length of Schooling: 4 years

  Curriculum includes: Basic Graphics, Indoor Textile Design, Fabrics Art Design, Graduation Project Design and Thesis Writing

  Degree: Bachelor of Arts

  Fashion Performance and Design:

  Year of Foundation: 1997

  Length of Schooling: 4 years

  Curriculum includes: Performance Style and Forms, Fashion Performance and Directing, Fashion Design, Graduation Design and Thesis 

  Degree: Bachelor of Arts

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